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Grilled Chicken seasoned with CHEF OF THE FUTURE

This is the simple recipe with the secrets of Argentine Barbecue, especially with one fo the secrets: "The Fire"...so I thought  until I used  Chef of the future, it's amazing the flavor that can give this blend at food! it was not necessary to add salt, which comes to us, hypertensives is very well.
As I prepared? ....Now I will tell.

1 chicken
Chef of the Future to rub: as nedeed
For brushing: half lemon juice + half orange juice + 2 tablespoon melted butter + half cup white dry wine + 1 teaspoon of Chef of the Future
Water: optional
Fire to grill the chicken: http://www.MundoVinosyOtros-buengourmet.blogspot.com/2011/03/secretos-del-asado-argentino-parte2-el.html

Open and clean the chicken and rub  with Chef of the Future outside and inside.
 When the hot coals are ready, place them under the grill and place the seasoned chicken on the grill.
Grill the chicken untilit is ready, during cooking and brush with the preparation of citrus, butter and wine and Chef of the Future.
I know that  Chef .... did not solve my life....but it helps me a lot in the kitchen at the time of season.!!


Alejandro Bergamini Expert Tipical Argentine Foods: aleber52@hotmail.com


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