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Interview Hanneke Eerden "The Dutchess Cooks"

This is an intevew with Hanneke Eerden from Netherlands

Where you was born and where do you live?
I llive near the city of Arnhem, in a very nice and small village near the German border

I'm full time Executive Assistent in the real estate world, cooking is my passion and hobby

When awakened your interest in cooking?
My mom is a great cook, so everf since I was a kid always with her in the kitchen, watching her cook and bake. And I knew at an early age that I would love to be just as good as her one day. My mom has tought me so much, and I'm thankful for that.  Whithout the basics she showed me, I would never be where i am now. She still cooks everfy day for my Dad and herserlf , and even though her meals are very different from the way I cook now, we talk about food a lot.

Which is your especiality? meat? desserts?
Definitely meat.  But I have to say sometimes I'd whish it was desserts!, I love desserts!, but from some unknown reason  I don't have so many recipes for desserts. Desserts in the Netherlands are by the way different from the ones as for example in the USA. A piece of pie would never be a dessert here (but I love it!!), but mostly it's pudding, icecream, etc. And I can't count the times I said to myself that I had to find more time for making desserts...!, I mean, what's dinner without dessert????!!!!

Do you working in a restaurant? are you independent?  Have  your own business?
No, cooking is my hobby and I'm not a pro, definitely not!. I just love to cook and show people onmy website  the meals I make. Not fancy but delicious and good meals everybody can make.

What is your conmmercial or culinary link with Bandiola Spice?
Bandiola Spice and the Dutchess teamed up earlier this year. Michael Gochnour (from Bandiola Spice), and I became friends, and I'm using the Bandiola Spice seassonings now almost every day. I really like them!. I use this seassonings in my recipes, and post them on my website. We both benefit from our coperation, and it's  always great to help a friend. That's what are for!

Do you like to cook in your free time?
That's almost all I do in my free time!. Besides writing for my website and make time free to spend with friends and family. And that always turned out in sharing dinner, so yes cooking is all I do....almost!.

If you were on a desert island, what kitchen item you take with you?
I would say a cork screw, but I don't think there will be much wine on a desert island tough question, can I bring my Weber barbeque and equipment??

Wht is your favorite food?
oh there's so much you can wake up for at night! Hot shrimps, grilled chiken, pizza, ribs, oh the list is endless...

Finally: Tell a cook/chef that you admire
Definitely Nigella Lawson , she's awesome, great recipes everybody can make!and further everybody who's cooking, porfessional or not, food brings people together! What's better sharing great food with friends or family??

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